Printing during the Cold Months

Paper and board can be adversely affected by low temperatures and this should be kept in mind during the cold winter months. It is advisable to check the temperature of incoming stock and to ensure that the material is as near as possible to press room temperature before removing the moisture-proof wrappers. As a simple guide, we list below approximate recovery times for a pallet of material, e.g. 750 kgs.

Temperature recovery times
Temperature difference between material and press room.

Temperature Hours

10ºC 24
15ºC 40
20ºC 75
25ºC 90

Do not unwrap material until an equilibrium temperature is reached.

When cold material is unwrapped in a warm environment, the air immediately surrounding the stack condenses and this excess condensation is absorbed by the material very quickly and can create wavy edges.

To minimise or avoid this happening, ensure that the material remains moisture-proof wrapped until temperature equilibrium is achieved.

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