Web Offset



Both web offset and sheet fed printing will give rise to similar problems.  However, some problems like slack edges and web breaks are unique to web offset.  The main point to remember is that all complaints need ample evidence in order that the supplier can justify them.  Here are our recommendations for minimum evidence requirement.


  1. Offending reel number.
  2. Label from reel wrapper or core.
  3. QTMS printout or press running records highlighting time lost.

Transit damage

  1. Copy of signed delivery document noting the damage seen on delivery.
  2. Details of damage e.g. crushed core, water damage, impact damage, etc.
  3. Photographic evidence if possible.
  4. Ensure that all slabbings, rejected webs etc are retained for possible inspection by Insurance 


Hidden damage - sidewall damage, impact damage and crushed cores, not visible at delivery.

  1. All evidence as above including end caps, wrappings etc to prove damage was hidden from view.

Web breaks

  1. Tails highlighting break cause e.g. slime hole, poor splice, poor slitting, edge nicks, etc.

Debris / Print spotting

  1. Sellotape pulls containing evidence of contamination taken from the blanket/plate and stuck to film.
  2. Example copy demonstrating the print interference.
  3. Plain paper slabbings from a known faulty web.

Slack edges, creasing, misregister

  1. Printed copy highlighting the result of the paper defect.
  2. Plain paper slabbed from the offending web, loosely rolled.

Blanket, plate, machinery damage

  1. Ensure that all damaged items are retained for evaluation.  In some cases a third party may   

   require the damaged parts if the complaint becomes subject to an insurance claim.


You can never have too much evidence, but too little can result in a claim being rejected.
Photographic evidence is easier to transport than an entire web!

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