Tackling Climate Change

Emmissions of green house gases contribute to climate change. At Finwood we are commited to reducing our green house emmissions. Everyday a effort is put into this and making our employees aware of what they can do to help this situation.
We at Finwood are taking this seriously and in doing so have the following measure in place at all our branches

  1. Checking our fleet – regular services
  2. Ensuring that trucks are loaded responsibly
  3. Planned delivery routes

To reduce your Carbon output, you could:-

  1. Join a lift-club,
  2. Re-insulate your house
  3. Turn your heating down in the winter.
  4. Replace your washing machine, tumble drier, cooker and light bulbs with more energy efficient models.
  5. Switch all your appliances off at the mains when you're not using them.
  6. Install some alternative energy generating equipment like solar panels

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