What is Landfill

We are running out of holes in the ground to store our rubbish in, very quickly.
So where to now ?
We are going to have to recycle more and change our behaviour.

A secure landfill is a carefully engineered depression in the ground (or built on top of the ground, resembling a football stadium) into which wastes are put.
The aim is to avoid any hydraulic [water-related] connection between the wastes and the surrounding environment, particularly groundwater.
Basically, a landfill is a bathtub in the ground; a double-lined landfill is one bathtub inside another.
Landfill burial is the only feasible way to dispose of some types of waste, and sometimes it’s the safest way, too. Generally, the best disposal method for hazardous wastes—batteries, paints, pesticides, and the like—are state-of-the-art landfills. These landfills are designed to prevent hazardous wastes from seeping into underground water supplies.

What we do with our Trash

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