Why Don't You Just Plant Trees

Reforestation projects are a great way to help in the fight against Global Warming, because plants absorb carbon dioxide.
However, plants will ultimately re-emit all of the carbon they have absorbed when they die.
Planting and re-planting of trees on a continuous base will help control the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere.
This has to go hand in hand with other efforts to reduce our carbon footprint..

Environmental damage is now being equated with a basic threat to personal health and human survival.
However, protecting the environment used to be regarded as an altruistic act—the work of the do-gooders.
We submit that doing good is not just about our own survival on the planet; it actually feels pretty good too.

For Finwood (& PaperlinX), sustainability is one of the core principles of our business.  It means working for the long-term health and vitality of our company, the environment and society as a whole.  It is about investing in our facilities, our systems, our brands and our people so that we can continue to grow and deliver


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